My Whale

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Car/Budgeting Project

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Pythagorean Theorem

This proves that if you figure out the a squared and the  b squared it will add to equal c square. 

Carlos- Effects of Changing Dimensions

When we doubled carlo’s dimensions the scale factor is two. The perimeter became two times bigger than the original. The area got four times bigger than the original, because you would have to double two dimensions; length and width.

When we tripled carlo’s dimensions the scale factor is three. The perimeter became three times bigger than the original. the area got nine times bigger than the original, because you would have to triple two dimensions; length and width.


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Dear 6th Graders,

Did you think you didn’t get the freedom you deserve in 5th grade? Was it just work, work, and more work? Well, that’s what’s good about 6th grade! My advice and something to look forward to in 6th grade for the incoming 6th graders, is always bring your required stuff for class and there is freedom in 6th grade.

In 6th grade you get to get on your phone and listen to music all the time in class. And on Fridays in enrichment you can play games on your computer. Speaking of computer, you are limited on what you get on but there are still a variety of games. You can customize your background on your computer to whatever you want. When you work hard you get rewarded with freedom.

Another piece of advice for you, is always have your required stuff for that class. For example, always have your computer charged up, get your planner signed every Thursday, don’t forget a pencil, etc. If you go to all of the rewards party all year you get to go to a “End of the Year Awards Party” and jump on a bunch of trampolines! That’s fun right? Remember, always bring your stuff to class.

That was just two of the awesome things to look forward to in 6th grade. Don’t be scared 6th grade is a breeze, I’m sure you will all do fine. Do you think you will enjoy 6th grade?



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Problomatic Plant

Invasive Species are a major problem in the world today but yet, the public doesn’t even know about it. This is a big problem because this is destroying our lakes which means no more summer fun on the lake, but there are solutions. Weevil and crawfish are two solutions that will definitely guarantee aquatic plants to have a positive effect on our East Texas waters.

Giant Salvinia is one of the major invasive species we have in Texas but what is different about it is that it has a solution, Weevils! Know Weevils don’t look like much but they pack a punch towards Giant Salvina! Said by “Weevils can clear 90% or more of an area if there are enough of them.” To me that’s a miracle in a bug body. Weevils are like super heroes knocking out Giant Salvina like it’s the villain.

Zebra mussels are a pain to deal with on boats, fishing rods, docks, well I guess anything it can get onto it ruins, but there is a solution called crayfish also known as crawfish. Crawfish are also known as food in Texas but they are also a solution for Zebra Mussels. Male Crawfish eat more Zebra Mussels than female Crawfish. Crawfish prefer smaller Zebra Mussels but will still eat the bigger ones. A plus to Crawfish, being a predator, is that if they overpopulate us humans can have Crawfish-grill. Crawfish are an amazing solution to get rid of the pest known as Zebra Mussels.

As I clearly stated Crayfish and Weevils are an amazing solution to the invasive species known as Zebra Mussels and Giant Salvinia. Invasive species grow more and more every single day and the public needs to know. What are you going to do about the monsters in our waters?

Malala’s Makes a Interesting World

Bravery is such an important part of life because it makes people so much more interesting. Malala stated in her book “I am Malala” how she stood up for Swats rights and her rights even after she got a death threat. That’s bravery in my book. Bravery is an important part of life, because it makes the world interesting by inspiring people to stand up for themselves and try new things.

Malala’s bravery is clear through her book she gives wonderful example of why bravery is important part of life, here is just few. In fact, Malala was brave even when the Taliban threaten her and she even said “I am not afraid.” we can use bravery in our darkest moments in life to overcome obstacles. Notably, Malala tragically got shot by the Taliban, but she is a fearless female and pushed on to talk about girls rights and education, so much that she won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Malala’s courage through what she has been through is remarkable that was just few of the many examples.

Malala’s story inspires people every day to try new things. Nevertheless, she inspires people to learn about politics, gender studies, social justice ect. She has a quote that says, “We were scared but our fear was not as strong as our courage!” she has inspired the world to be at least a little bit better. In other news, she grew up in a school with competition and inspired her fellow classmates to work hard in their studies. Malala has inspired many people in this cruel world to be the better and bigger person to make the world a better place.

Malala has indeed shown how to be brave and courageous when times are tough, and she inspires other people to be the same. Because of Malala, there are more bold and interesting people in this world to create a chain of inspiration that will domino effect of other people.

Malala’s Roar

Malala makes her voice heard when she speaks out about the Taliban. Notably, Malala would go through interviews speaking out about the Taliban, knowing the risk she was taking. “A death threat against me” She knew the threats would come in but she still did what she loved.

Not to mention, she would make speeches along with her father because they think it is not right for the Taliban to push people around. Malala is just a little girl with a big heart and brave soul, she makes those speeches to stand up for the people who can’t, something most adult don’t.

Malala speaks out about the Taliban, a thing not many other people have done. She has indeed made her voice heard.

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Malala’s Mission for a Smart World

Education is important to Malala because, the boys are allowed to go to school, but it is “shameful” for girls to go to school says the Taliban.The Taliban says “…you don’t need an education to cook and clean…”. She wants to prove them wrong.

For instance, the Taliban is making girls wear burqas to school or anywhere else because it is “shameful” if they didn’t wear them. A member of the Taliban says, “Sister” “You must wear a burqa you are bringing shame!”. They expect girls to wear certain outfits, but boys can wear what they want.

Notably, the Taliban made Malala’s dad make certain gates for girls and boys so they don’t see each other. The Taliban says boys and girls should not see each other because, they could naturally develop a relationship.

Schooling is critical to Malala because, she wants everyone to be equal. She has indeed proved that Gender does not matter, girls can do what boys can, and boys can do what girls can and both learn the same.